Youth Leadership
Rising Stars™ is designed to help today's youth develop their personal leadership skills and begin to set goals and directions for their lives beginning at an earlier age. Leadership is essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence, and values that promote the understanding of healthy behavior.

Research shows a majority of youth engage in health-compromising behavior. More importantly, a recent report from the American Medical Association captures the importance of this goal:
"For the first time in the history of this country, young people are less healthy and less prepared to take their places in society than their parents. Moreover, this is happening at a time when our society is more complex, more challenging, and more competitive than ever before."

Rising Stars™ is a process that helps youth develop their ability to make positive life choices based upon sound values and a vision of a successful future. It helps students improve their GPAs, increase attendance rates, develop positive attitudes and self-confidence, and reduce risk behaviors. Rising Stars™ is an innovative and unique inside-out development process that focuses on four critical elements that promote personal leadership, healthy behaviors, and the skills employers identify as essential.
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"The final test of a leader is that they leave behind them in others the conviction and the will to carry on."
- Walter Lippmann